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Goodyear welted

Suede uppers

Full leather lining

Leather sole 

EVA, cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole

Business in the morning, party at night. Get your pair of Stark Bluchers ready if you're having a busy day ahead. Now with a beatiful and subtle suede perfect for this fall.




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5 Stars
Great Shoe

I recently received my newest pair of John Doe Shoes. I now have two pairs. I purchased my first pair from Amazon on Christmas Eve about three years ago . Since that time, I have purchased Jack Erwin, Neil M., and Allen Edmond. All of these shoes are nice, but the pair that I choose to wear most frequently are my John Doe's. I have worn my John Doe's approximately three times per week, every week for the past three years. They have held up beautifully. You may of course need to have common maintenance issues addressed such as repairing heels and soles, but John Doe's are Goodyear welted which makes maintenance possible and duration long lasting. Other than perhaps purchasing second hand shoes through Allen Edmond's Shoebank, John Doe' Shoes are untouchable at this price range and quality marker. You are basically receiving $250 plus shoes for about half the cost. (Glued shoes with inferior leather are typically found in this range, but not John Doe.) Try a pair, you won't be disappointed. I love my first pair and I love my newest pair. The materials are nice, the construction is solid, and the styling is spot on. Last thing, as for the styling of John Doe Shoes, if you don't see a style of shoe listed on John Doe's website then it most likely means that the style you are searching for are clown shoes and you don't need them. John Doe has all of the basis covered when it comes to styling. Stick with John Doe. John Doe has every style of shoe that a man needs.