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Goodyear welted

Suede uppers

Full leather lining

Leather sole 

EVA, cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole

Business in the morning, party at night. Get your pair of Stark Bluchers ready if you're having a busy day ahead. Now with a beatiful and subtle suede perfect for this fall.




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3 Stars

The suede has a couple of small blemishes, which is unfortunate for a new shoe, but for the price point I'll give it a pass. Laces are WAY too short, I can't even tie the shoe.

4 Stars
laces too short

Shoes fit and look great. Two comments. Box should be packed inside another box...mine was crushed. Luckily no damage to shoes, but can be easily prevented. Next...laces are too short to lace up and tie. For $150 I expect laces to be properly sized. Instead I have to find a decent shoe store to buy a pair. Not so much the $, but the time...which is always in short supply.