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This is perhaps the most peculiar leather we have. When we inquired Horween about this leather, they told us. You are not thinking about making boots with this leather. Right?

We certainly were thinking about making boots with this leather. So why was Horween telling us not to make boots with this leather? It's a very hard leather and it´s extremely difficult to make footwear with it. It won´t bend, flex or stretch like any other leather we have ever used, not even Shell Cordovan.

Why were we so stubborn to try it even against Horween's advice? Because we are THAT good at making shoes and the footwear made of this leather will blow your mind. 

First, it's vegetable tanned leather at it's finest, almost no color at all but a light tan shade. That means these will develop a spectacular patina over time. I think you can even dye them if you wish. Speaking of time, we are not kidding when we say these boots will outlive you and at least three more generations. Hell, I think these boots and cockroaches would be the only remaining things in case of a nuclear meltdown. 

This footwear is definitely not for the faint of heart or impatient people. Acquiring these boots is the beginning of a journey. While all our footwear is quite comfortable out of the box and requires almost no break in time, this is a different animal and I would suggest going nice and slow at first. But what is a month of breaking them in compared to eternity?




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5 Stars
Tough and beautiful!

They aren't kidding with the leather description! These are beautiful but not for those who want comfort right out of the box! Imagine a RW Iron Ranger break in period but with tougher horsehide leather. So awesome and it will be totally worth it! Pure Veg. Tanned Leather is another highlight!