Our pricing strategy is to offer an everyday value. If you have been following us for a while you might know we never ever run sales, except for our Black Friday "pay 2 get 3" event.

Well, we've been wondering what if we offer that every day, every time you want it. After doing some figures we concluded it is possible. I don't have to tell you what a tremendous value this has and what a big effort we'll be doing by offering this.
In order to make this work for both ends, there are some terms and conditions to follow.
-There are no returns, exchanges, refunds. 
We'll be lowering our profit margin to a very, very dangerous place, we definitely cannot cope with any extra expense.
-Only customers who have already successfully placed an order will be eligible for the offer.
Loyalty has a very important place for us, and we owe our existence as a company to all those people who have bought our shoes through the years, this is for you guys. We love you!
This measure was also placed to protect new buyers from being stranded with 3 pairs of shoes that don't fit correctly or that simply don't satisfy you.
So, if you have never bought from us and you want to get the 3x2 deal. Go ahead and buy a pair of shoes, if you like them and they fit correctly. Keep them. Congratulations, you are part of our family now and that means you can get the deal.
-Items will be shipped in one single shipment, whenever everything's ready to ship.
We had to get very creative to make this work, not only are we reducing our profit but we found ways to save money and pass those savings to you. It is more expensive for us to ship 3 separate pairs of shoes than one single shipment with 3 pairs of shoes.
If all you selected is ready to ship, we will ship it right away, if you order available items and made to order items, everything will ship until the made to order items are finished. It's not that bad tough, you know we are the industry leaders when it comes to delivering made to order items. 3-4 weeks.
-No code or coupon needed
Just add three items and the discount will be reflected at the checkout.
-All products are eligible
Jackets, Women boots, Made to order, Sample Sale. Everything is included, just add whatever 3 items you want.
I guess that's it.
Our driving force, what defines and separates us from the rest is an obsession to deliver value. To stretch your hard earn dollars more than anywhere else. We really think of this as a game changer, starting at a little more than 300 bucks you'll be able to get 3 pairs of high-quality, goodyear welted shoes made in some of the most extraordinary leathers there are, you won't find that anywhere else.