The shoe business is a ruthless and quite contested market. There are thousands of brands, huge corporations, trends and fads coming out almost every day and sales everywhere.


How can an upcoming brand stand a chance? For 5 years we've been obsessed in delivering value. Make a good quality product at a great price. That's been our bread and butter for every single day. Not only we are still here after 5 years, but we've grown and got better. Some weeks ago, in preparation for this email, I found that 83% of the people who bought shoes from us in 2016 have bought at least another pair in the following years. I read on social media, on emails we get, on the reviews of our shoes, how people are usually amazed at the quality and materials they get for such a low price. I think it's safe to say our mission as a shoe company has come across loud and clear. 


Now it's time for the next step of John Doe Shoes.












We have mastered the art of sourcing the best materials from around the world, making a good quality shoe and running an efficient company. This enables us to offer great prices. Launching an everyday, pay 2 get 3 pairs deal some weeks ago was the pinnacle of it. Now we are pouring our efforts into design.


For eight months we've been working on a new last. I've always been amazed at the beauty of some European shoes, with sleek silhouettes and slightly squared toes.













Unfortunately, most of these lasts I'm referring to, are not within the reach of a lot of people. First of all, the sleek form makes it difficult for people with wide feet or high insteps to find a good fit in this kind of lasts. Secondly, shoes made with these lasts are gonna be really expensive. 












That's where we come in. It took us eight months of making iteration after iteration and running several tests to finally come up with the Milo last. For some time I thought we were really never gonna get it because we were going after something that perhaps was impossible to make, or at least I never found in all the shoe pairs from high-end European brands that I end up buying for this purpose


But hard work and patience always pay off. Our Milo last has the stunning looks of several high-end European shoes. With a dressy silhouette, a semi-square toe and forms that cherish closely the feet and convey a beautiful image. You might think the price to pay in terms of comfort is gonna be high. Yet, as with the rest of John Doe Shoes, these are meant to be comfortable from day one and we also have E width! Speaking about prices, obviously, these will cost the same as the rest of our shoes.


As of now, you can have the new Milo last through our MTO program in the Bonucci Oxford, Hamlin Double Monk, Harlow Chukka and the Chelsea boots. Just as our original last, this is true to size.