Our Made to Order Collection is here to fulfill the pillars upon which John Doe Shoes was created. 


Goodyear welted as always, but now made with one of the best leathers in the world. Horween's Horsehide Chromexcel, often referred as "North of Cordovan" for its proximity to the Shell Cordovan area. This is an amazing leather few shoemakers work with because of its high price and the difficulty to find hides big enough to make shoes. But who said making a hell of a shoe was an easy and cheap task. Combining the best attributes from Shell Cordovan and Chromexcel. A deep rich color that will develop a beautiful patina over time. A long long time by the way because this leather has the toughness of Shell Cordovan. At the end the final product will be a blend of strength, beauty and comfort for many years to come.


You won't have to offer us your first born to get your hands on one of these shoes. Do we like to make money? Of course we do, but we don't like to rip off our customers. We are a lean company, no staggering CEO bonuses, and no giant billboards on Times Square. We don't run sales, so we don't need ludicrous margins to pay for unsold inventories and excesses.


Our weakest link so far. We have failed many times to offer a reliable and constant amount of our best seller shoes. (I'm talking to you Bonucci Oxford) Many of you have grown tired of not finding your desired style and size available. As a small company growing organically we have struggled to meet the amount of shoes we could sell, we are working on that. In the meantime, with our MTO collection you will be able to choose your style, size and sole. You select your desired options, we make it and in a month or less (it will usually be 2-3 weeks) your customized shoes will be ready to ship.