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Goodyear welted

Chromexcel from Horween Tannery leather uppers


Rubber sole 

Cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole


$175 for boat shoes??? What the hell are you thinking John Doe Shoes? I thought you were on the affordable quality market, not on the luxury market.

So, we know this is what most of you must be thinking, but wait. What if I tell you these are the best boat shoes money can buy, at least from what we have seen.

Now that I have your attention I would like to talk you about the GOODYEAR WELTED, HAND SEWN, MADE FROM HORWEEN'S CHROMEXCEL  Carter boat shoe.

This is not your regular boat shoe, you know the one that you get for less than a hundred bucks, treat it like garbage, once it gets wet it stinks like a dead raccoon and they end up in the deepest part of your closet. Yeah all those things happen because those were not GOODYEAR WELTED and were probably made with not the best leather. With lots of synthetics materials (cardboard, plastics, polyester you name it) those shoes are not meant to last for a long time and as I said get them wet and you are in for a reek smell. Well with a goodyear welt construction not only do they last longer but our leather insoles and midsoles just won't develop that smell. But wait, there's more if we were already investing in making goodyear welt boat shoes it would only make sense to pair the construction with a damn good leather, like Chromexcel, which is not only beautiful but great at withstanding adverse weather and conditions. Also we wanted to keep the hand sewing traditions so yeah these are handsewn as well. 


So now you know why these "boat shoes" cost $175.



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5 Stars
Excellent quality and fit right out of the box

These shoes looked and felt beautiful right out of the box. I was searching the internet for top quality shoes, googled "quality men's dress shoes", found a top ten list on Business Insider, and this was the only brand less than $300. I definitely wanted all leather construction that I can re-sole repeatedly; you just can't find this level of shoe quality in most stores today, at least not in Columbia SC. So I was really delighted at the look, feel, and apparent quality of these shoes. Time will tell about the re-soling, but I feel great about them right now. I will seriously consider ordering another pair (different style) in the near future.