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Value is always the name of the game for us, but this time we really outclassed ourselves.

While it can be a rather subjective and debatable topic, Tannerie D'Annonay is arguably the best tannery in France which makes you think it might as well be the best tannery in the world. They have been making the most precious calfskins for a long time. No wonder why it is the choice of the most prestigious, luxurious and expensive brands and why it is owned by Hermes. You won't find this leather on footwear unless you are willing to shell out several hundreds of dollars or you can buy from us.



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5 Stars
Awesome shoes

These are not your typical brown leather loafers. There's a slight green tint to them that makes them look so much more interesting. Also, I selected the newer, slimmer design and they look great on my feet. One word of warning: I have thin feet and these are almost too tight for me. If you have a wider foot, you'll want the normal design.

5 Stars

These boots are whole cut with a single seam down the back and very very elegant; made with JR soles with blackened edges, welting and stitching. The goring is good quality. A tight fit the first few wears at 1/2 a size down from runner size, but well worth the initial effort to get such a sleek and slender boot. The leather is something else, perfect, tight grain calfskin with a copper tone that is unique and striking. Not much more than a dirty old pair of blundstones in terms of cost and way better build than similar TBCs I own. Comfortable after wear in, beautiful, well made, owned & manufactured in the country of origin, very reasonable price, and shipping to Australia was cheap. No downside for me. 

4 Stars
Milo Chelsea in Brown Tannerie D'Annonay

To begin with these boots are very well made and I am extremely happy with the quality and thickness of the leather- both exterior, and interior lining. While still true to size I find the Milo last requires a longer break-in time, and are not as immediately comfortable as the original last. However the actual shape of the last makes up for the longer break-in period. My final thoughts are on the color of the leather. While in sunlight, I find Brown Tannerie D'Annonay Leather doesn't take on an expected brown color, but a natural brown-green leather color. In my opinion these look better in artificial light where the color is more truly brown. My final thoughts are: The build and leather quality are exceptional. I was a little thrown off by the actual color of the leather, but can still make it work with my outfits. Thanks for reading!