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Goodyear welted

Full grain leather uppers

Full leather lining

EVA, cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole

Steel Shank



This leather is our personal favorite, the best way to describe it would be the smoothness of a calfskin with the toughness of Chromexcel. You know the philosophy of John Doe Shoes, we don’t try to sell you false expectations like traditional brands always do, trying to portrait the idea, that if you wear their stuff you’ll look like a model. But trust me this footwear is damn close to do so.

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5 Stars
Quality Leather and Great Comfort

Before I ordered, I had lots of questions. Customer support has been fantastic. I spend a lot of time on my feet at work. I need something that provides good support, comfort and durability. I ordered a pair of MacArthur in Black Essex. The depth of color and shine of the Essex made for a beautiful pair of boots. The quality of the material is evident. The studded sole has performed very well on pavement. There was little to no break-in time required on these. It took about a day for the boots to conform to my feet. There was no discomfort. I particularly appreciate the ankle support this style offers. They have gained a steady spot in my fall rotation. I liked these well enough to order another pair in a Brown Glaze Latigo. Keep up the good work John Doe!

4 Stars
Great Quality

Very good quality and finishing indeed. I wish I ordered the D width Sole as the one I ordered is a bit tight for my feet. I will make sure of that my next order I am placing now. Keep up the good work

5 Stars
420's Are Amazing Boots

Really love these boots. I live in Australia so it can be really difficult to find well made shoes for a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend these boots to anyone looking to get a well made, comfy pair of shoes.

5 Stars

I ordered these in the Bonucci oxford style, and right off the bat I'd like to get a few things I wondered about out of the way. They fit true to size, they are comfortable, and this leather is phenomenal! Soft yet sturdy feeling. The description of these shoes on their website is dead on. Secondly, the craftsmanship on these shoes is great. You can tell that they are hand-made, but not like the "My 10-year-old made them in class as a project." hand-made. More like the "These don't look like the slapped together mass produced junk that pollute the shelves in every store you go to nowadays" hand-made. Would I compare them to the big high dollar brands? Absolutely. In fact, I'd rather have these. I'm not so worried about them at work because they don't cost as much as a mortgage payment like many other MTO hand-made shoes. I know that these will stand up to many years of wear and I feel like these are a fantastic value for the money. For all intents and purposes these are every bit as good as if not better than any other oxford shoe I have ever owned. Period. Now, if you have to wear a brand to give yourself a feeling of status, nothing I can say will sway you to buy these. But you're missing out... and wasting money.