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Goodyear welted

Box Calfskin uppers

Full leather lining

Leather sole 

Cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole

Business in the morning, party at night. Get your pair of Stark Bluchers ready if you're having a busy day ahead. 



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4 Stars
Pretty good shoe

I bought 3 pairs and all fit a bit different. The 420 boots felt true to size. Whisky bonnucis felt about 1/4 size too big. These feel about 1/4 size too tight. They will work but will definitely have an uncomfortable break in period. There were a couple scuffs and the shoelaces we're too short to tie. Sole also seems really thick. Still - you can tell they are really well made and the price was great. Once broken in they will be pretty good and I will wear them often.

5 Stars
Well constructed pair of shoes, fit great.

Did not dissapoint for the price, fit great with no issues.

5 Stars
Great quality and feel

The craftsmanship is fantastic on these shoes. They look, smell and feel quality. Personally not my favorite style. However they look exactly as displayed on the picture. I recommend John Doe to all my friends and co-workers. I am looking forward to my next purchase.

5 Stars
great shoes

I bought and have been using these shoes for quite a while, and I must confess that the shoes are just great. The leather quality, the superior build, the soles, the insole, everything fits in just great. The only down-point is the laces; the laces are not of very good quality and as you go pulling them off and putting on again (for the shining for instance) they degrade much faster than I thought. Overall the shoes are great and I definitely recommend them.

4 Stars
Follow up after a week of wear

So, this is a follow up to the "unboxing" review. These are good shoes. Very solidly made and I'm very happy with how they look. For the price, I'm feeling like they a great deal. That said, the goodyear welt makes a stiff shoe. After a week or so of wearing them (with days off between) they are still quite a bit stiffer than a shoe with lighter weight sole construction. The stiffness makes them a bit tiring to wear, but I've had no blisters or hot spots despite just wearing normal socks. Each day they are bit more flexible and my foot is beginning to mold the cork to fit. This is a normal process, but it is a bit more involved than in the department store shoes in this price range. Just don't get them and expect to go dancing the next day! Bottom line for my review is that I'm looking at what my next pair will be.

4 Stars
Unboxing review

I'm not a "hard core shoe guy" but I do wear dress shoes to work every day. First impressions on these: - Size seems very true. Picked my normal size and they fit well. - Appear to be well made. Stitching and general construction is good. Leather is good with more character than similarly priced department store shoes. - Soles are sturdy (kinda thick which works for me, but may not be everyone's thing) and VERY slick. Expect that will be better once they have roughed up a bit. - Only drawback so far is the laces were too short for me. I may have a tall foot, so your mileage may vary. Replaced them with 27 inch laces and that's perfect. - comfortable out of the box, of course a bit stiff but that's to be expected. Note: these are not Oxfords. Similar, but different so make sure you know the style you're picking.

5 Stars
Comfort and Value

This is a very well made shoe, and extremely comfortable. It is a great value for the price.