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Goodyear welted

Box calfskin uppers

Full leather lining

Leather sole 

EVA, cork and leather midsoles

Cushioned insole

Steel shank

The time shoe snobs all around the world were afraid of, has come. Our Bonucci Oxford now made with Box Calfskin, the go to leather of the best shoe makers in the world. 



Nooo God nooo! Nooo, please noo! My size is sold out! 


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5 Stars
Very Impressed

I am very impressed with these shoes. Nice finish, attention to detail, and extremely good price for what you are getting. I will definitely purchase from this company again.

5 Stars

These are the finest shoes I have owned. I did hours of research, and the only thing close costs hundreds more. I now own two pairs of John Doe shoes, and I look forward to handing them down to my son when he grows up.

4 Stars
Excellent value for the money a few rough edges

These shoes are constructed very well. They arrived on time and look good. Mine had 1 small defect. Stitching on top outside on 1 shoe was short a few stitches and thread was hanging. The soles have a full rubber cap and not half cut like a more high end shoe. I am still breaking them in but so far I am happy with my purchase.

4 Stars
Almost Perfect

Good product. As far as quality it is exactly as advertised. Good materials and construction. A little rounder in the toe, but with my wide feet that is exactly what I need. The only imperfection is in the lace up area a little brown leather is showning on one of the shoes. This is a very minor manufacturing defect, but it does stop me from giving the shoes a perfect score. That being said, I will by from them again.

5 Stars
Impressive and a great value

My Bonucci oxfords were comfortable right out of the box, and the leather quality and styling are reminiscent of decidedly more expensive shoes. I've just received them, so I can't speak to their durability; I'll follow up once there's more of a track record. But based on what I've seen so far, I'd definitely buy another pair in the future.

4 Stars
Black Oxfords are Good

Hello. Received a pair of the Bonucci Calf Oxfords and I am pleased. Now, these are my first pair of "nice" dress shoes. By nice I mean shoes that can be resoled and not below $100 in price for the pair. From my point of view they are a great value for the price of a sub $200 dress shoe. The Delivery: Didn't take but 6 business days for my order of shoes to reach my door step. Also, using UPS allowed me to follow the package along the way, which was neat to see it start in Mexico City and work it's way to Florida. I found the amount of time for free shipping to be acceptable. The Fit: Ordered 11.5 size and the fit is close to other shoes I have that are dress shoes of the same size. The Quality: The leather is of good quality and smells marvelous. Some of the stitching isn't the best, such as the sewn section for the tongue at the base of the laces. I think that seam shouldn't be visible on a pair of dress Oxfords, but the seam is not that noticeable overall. Also, there is a bit of a dimple at the area where the toe cap is attached to the rest of the leather upper on the right shoe. Not terrible, but still noticeable and I'm not sure if this dimple that curves all the way around the toe cap will get worse. I suspect not and I can live with what is there. Overall Look: So far, I'm really impressed, especially given the price when compared to other proper dress shoes out there. Do I plan to purchase another pair ever: So far yes I am and I will recommend John Doe Shoes to my friends.

4 Stars
Nicely delivered

I did not expect fancy packaging. It was on time, and it good condition. Anyone who has some decent knowledge of shoes could tell from picking them up that these are quality, and the solidness of the Goodyear welt is clear. The shoes are quite nice, but as I went for the Black Box Calf Bonucci, they are classic, simple, and properly conservative. The leather is very good. There are some insignificant detail issues that even a snob should have no concern with. So these are some great feeling and great looking shoes that are clearly well made. Time will tell regarding wear so I will write another review in time. Right now, I am happy.

5 Stars
beautiful shoes

The shoes look great, very classic style, I think they will last my husband a long time. I can't comment on the fit as I have yet to give them to him (they are a birthday gift). Overall, very nice product