Customer, I've come to bargain.

If you want to read why we are doing the 3x2 deal, keep reading.

If you just want to know how it works, skip up to the point where you see bold letters.

Every business is in some sort of way a reflection of the beliefs and attitude of its owner.  I'm a romantic. I fall in love with any item that was built with quality and endurance in mind.

I guess, I developed this way of thinking through the years while visiting my grandpa's house. There, I would get to find lots of cool and well made stuff. He had an amazing collection of tools made in places like USA or Germany, with actual steel, that served him through his life. I'm in my early thirties and I've lost the count of how many screwdrivers I've had to buy.


Of course there's still quality, but it's gonna cost you. My grandpa wasn't rich, yet the possessions he got in his youth exude quality and durability. We want to bring that back to the footwear industry. 

The pay 2 get 3 deal is our ultimate commitment to deliver quality for fair prices.  We don't use "genuine", "premium", "luxurious", "buttery soft" leather like most companies in our range of price. We use the very best leathers, from the most respected tanneries. And they are considerably more expensive. Good to know that every time we get offered to be given a positive review or an article in some high traffic site we say no. Great leathers don't come cheap. Rather spend the money on making a great product than making a bad product look good. 

In order to make this work for both ends, there are some terms and conditions to follow.
-There are no returns, exchanges or refunds. 
We'll be decreasing our profit margin to a point where we definitely cannot cope with any extra expense. Of course if there's something wrong in your order we'll look into that and cover you.
-Only customers who have already successfully placed an order will be eligible for the offer.
Or not.
Existing customers already know how our shoes feel and fit, so they have a huge advantage to make this deal work. However, a lot of people are on the fence about buying shoes from us, because we are not that popular, we don't have nice photos of bloggers tying the laces of our boots on weird positions , websites won't write about us and how our shoes radically changed their life for good. But if you are interested in getting 3 pairs of shoes that won't let you down and that will cost you what you would have paid for a pair or two somewhere else. Then contact us, with whatever questions you might have and let's make these your first pairs of John Doe Shoes.
-Items will be shipped in one single shipment, whenever everything's ready to ship.
We had to get very creative to make this work, not only are we reducing our profit but we found ways to save money and pass those savings to you. It is considerably more expensive for us to ship 3 separate pairs of shoes than one single shipment with 3 pairs of shoes.
If all you selected is ready to ship, we will ship it right away, if you order available items and made to order items, everything will ship until the made to order items are finished. It's not that bad though, you know we are the industry leaders when it comes to delivering made to order items. 3-4 weeks.
-No code or coupon needed
Just add three items and the discount will be reflected at the checkout.
-All products are eligible
Jackets, Women boots, Made to order, Sample Sale. Everything as in everything. Everything is included, just add 3 items.
I guess that's it.
Just like the good old days, quality accesible for a fair price. 
The way it should be.